Friday, July 18, 2008

craft time

Today I spent part of my day off finally sewing again -- I made some bags to use for knitting projects, lunch, or other small things. My sister Daeva and I made some bags like this one year when visiting my mom in Texas. This is when I learned how to make french seams and love them. Some pretty waverly-esque fabric from a thrift shop. I making some napkins, too...

new bags

Here are some random thoughts for a Friday...

Craft time restores your soul.

Here are some shots of me and my family in 'craft' mode, both times making easter eggs, first in the early 80's and then in 2003 at my old studio apartment in Brookline, MA.

craft time


And here is a shot of my mom in a sweater she made which I now have... too hot to take a photo of me in it, today, though.
mom's sweater

And of fun times with family in NH last weekend. I did some knitting in the car which I'll post eventually.
music lesson

Fun times with family also restores your soul...