Sunday, August 31, 2008


banner success!
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We have a new tradition in my family -- every Christmas we make a family banner in honor of a special 'retreat' we have as a family called Kid's Christmas... We are really into banner making. Usually with felt. The inspiration for all the banner making is the summer camp we went to as kids and young adults in our family. We have been lucky to continue having our family 'retreat' at this camp, located in the Litchfield Hills of CT, the past few winters. When we were kids, each 'conference' we went to in the summer would make a conference banner, and all the kids would sign, and then the banner would be hung at the camp for posterity.

One of our friends from camp days is getting married this weekend, at the camp! My sister Anna came up with the idea of a banner to put in the dining hall at the camp, signed by all the guests, as a way to remember the special occasion. We thought Tibetan prayer flags would be special and colorful.
banner crew

We whipped this up this past week while my sister was staying with me. Got to use my sewing machine in the basement -- this totally reminds me of my mom's sewing area in our basement growing up!! TV and everything! Wow.
basement sewing area

Friday, August 1, 2008

seascape shawl and aran pullover

seascape shawl
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Here is the progress for my Seascape Shawl from knitty. Looking pretty shimmery with the Rowan Kidsilk Night yarn! I am taking my sweet bippy time with this one -- won't be ready to wear this for several more months?!?

And here is the aran pullover from Knitting for Baby that I am working on for Mr. A... knitting in the 2 year old size so it should fit him for a while. This is in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I wasn't sure if I would like the marbled look of this yarn, but I do! Another fun cable pattern that knits up pretty quick.
aran pullover

Both of these are up on Ravelry.