Tuesday, January 13, 2009

knitting in 2009

First two projects started and completed in 2009.

1. Mittens for AJ
Cascade Ecological Wool
embroidered with A's to try and motivate him to wear them once in a while...
Knit on vacation in the Poconos.
mittens for AJ

Stella's Hat
for Me
Using Noro Silk Garden yarn...
Knit mostly in the car coming back from the Poconos
This was the second of these hats I've knit. The last project I finished in 2008 was this hat in Ecological Wool for my sister Daeva. On the way to the Poconos.
stella's hat
stella's hat - top

And the needles are going like mad around here! Is it the nesting instinct kicking in already?!?


dtb said...

are you on ravelry.com yet? You ought to be.

estellep said...