Monday, March 2, 2009

baby bonanza

I have made 3 of these vine lace baby hats and I'm working on a fourth. This is a great pattern for quick, easy, and cute baby hats! Many friends are having babies, including several who are having their second babies around the same time that I am due. I decided to make some hats well enough in advance so that I could just pop them in the mail. I used leftover Cascade pima tencel from the Anouk I made for the red and purple hats.

I also made a preemie sized version in some leftover RYC Cashcotton in pink for my friend who's baby was born at 32 weeks (the baby was due around the same time mine is due, early April).
vine lace baby hat - cashmere

I also made a little hat out of some leftover
Indiecita Baby Alpaca Grande Paint for a friend who just had her second boy.
alpaca baby hat

And finally, I finished a small baby quilt for my upcoming arrival. I had made AJ a quilt as well, and though I have less time and energy now than I did then, I managed to pull this one together. I appliqued the lace and the stripes of leftover fabric onto one of my husband's crib sheets from when he was a baby, and then combined hand quilting and machine quilting with a hand-sewn binding. I really like how the colors turned out, especially the bright blue binding.
baby quilt baby quilt - fits on the ottoman!

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Jeanne said...

I love all the baby crafting you have been doing as of late. Alden and baby have such a talented mommy!