Sunday, October 11, 2009

knitting and sewing the days

I swear knitting lowers my blood pressure, which is something I've been needing to do a little these days, as our family weathers some difficult times. I've had several small knitting 'kits' ready for me to take in the car or keep ready during naptimes, and I have finally made my Fetching mits. They are so great when pushing the stroller on walks on these cool days! I did not have enough yarn to finish them all in one color, but I like the combo of light pink and white. I had some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, which is just slightly less yardage than the Cashmerino Aran, so that explains the addition of the white.



Another kit - kitchen scrubbies with leftover yarn. I'm always trying to improve my crochet skills, and these are a great way to do so! Ethan has been testing out this one and so far says he really likes it. I made three flowers and sewed them together through the middle. This is Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.
crocheted flowers scrubbie

A hat for baby girl... a Yankee knitter pattern for an earflap hat. I used some Plymouth baby alpaca yarn I got this spring at WEBS shortly after Coco was born. Love the colorway. The accent color on the trim has little gold sparkles in it, too, very lovely.
winter hat!

And some pants to grow in... these are a Simplicity pattern that I made in the 18 month size and then hemmed them up super high so I could just let the hem down as she grows. The fabric is some Joel Dewberry that I found on super sale at Hancocks of Paducah, I bought some contrasting patterned fabric in the same color combination and will be making a little top to go with the pants for a Christmas outfit, and I think I'll try to make some pants for AJ and maybe a bowtie?!?
new pants!

Flowers on the backside to tell which way they go on!
keeping track of the backside

Here are the first pair of Sandbox pants for AJ - another pair is in the making, these are great. I made them big so I just cuffed them up. May make the next pair a little shorter.
sandbox pants

And here is the second swingset tunic for Coco in some Heather Bailey fabric I picked out while pregnant with her. I think this will look great next summer! It is an 18 month size and fits like a dress now.
swingset tunic

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