Thursday, March 20, 2008

In my Easter... cardigan

The race is on to finish my Minimalist Cardigan for wear on Easter Sunday. I think I will make it.

minimalist cardigan - nearing completion

I have really enjoyed this pattern, and love the look of this sweater so far. Thanks to my friend Jeanne for suggesting it, and for Little Purl of the Orient for inspiring my color choice.

This truly is Minimalist, especially as knitting patterns go. Very easy to follow, easy to memorize, easy to work on without the pattern in front of you, not too much counting to memorize in your head, and wonderfully simple and elegant looking.

I have used Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL yarn in a cream shade, thanks to recommendations on Ravelry, and the good deals found at WEBS. This cardigan officially got me out of my knitting funk. First, I had to find the pattern -- could not find the fall IK anywhere! Then, in a strange turn of events, my sister's girlfriend happened to bring a copy with her while they visited one weekend, and the work on the Minimalist cardigan began! Hurray for ends to knitting funks :)

In other crafting news...

Naptime? No, bunny making time!! These little critters will be given to the young ones in the family for easter. I even knit up the little green scarf for Flopsy. The skirted bunny is Flouncy. I had some leftover pink fleece from the remnants bin at Joann's, so I made these free form bunnies and stuffed them with the same pink fleece! I managed to get most of the work done on these during a wonderful 2 hour baby naptime over the weekend.


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Jeanne said...

The cardigan looks wonderful.

I adore the bunnies!!!