Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Minimalist cardigan and Easter

I finished the Minimalist Cardigan on Saturday, the day before Easter. I wore the cardigan for 3 days straight! It fits well, and is very comfortable. Here are some pictures from the 'photo shoot' with my sister.

minimalist cardigan
The finished product

minimalist cardigan with shawl pin
With my beautiful Leslie Wind shawl pin

One mistake made is that the back is backwards -- so the ribbing is reversed. I had already seamed a lot of the sweater when I realized this error, and decided I didn't care. It is hardly noticeable. C'est la vie, or at least my life anyway...

Had a lovely Easter weekend... here are some of the highlights:

cupcakes made with my sister

Easter morning
Mr A enjoying his easter bunny

And me in my cardigan with my sister in law and niece!

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Jeanne said...

The cardigan looks so wonderful on you. I love the pin! It looks like everyone had a terrific Easter all around.