Thursday, April 17, 2008

The best presents

I love handmade gifts. And knitted gifts are the best kind. Here is a picture of AJ in his sweater made by my friend Jeanne. She made this sweater and a lovely kimono top.

sweater from Jeanne

This is the Bookworm Sweater from Louisa Harding’s Miss Bea’s Rainy Day. How appropriate considering AJ's mama is a librarian!

This sweater is awesome -- looks great, is a nice weight, not too heavy but cozy for cool spring days, and with room to grow. I did have to make one minor modification and open up the neck a bit, due to AJ's 90th percentile head circumference...

You can see the opened neck here, it looks pretty cool:
in depth discussion with papa

Thank you Jeanne!


Jeanne said...

Este, the sweater (with the modifications) looks wonderful on Alden. I had such a great time making it for him and just thrilled at how adorable he looks in it . Of course, he looks adorable in anything he wears.

carrie said...

oh wow, i just saw your bridesmaid shawls! you are amazing!