Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blu jeans

This weekend the Blu jeans got finished on Sunday morning, and AJ was wearing them after his mid-day nap.
blu jeans
blu jeans walking

I really like these little pants. Too bad they won't fit for very long, of course! I knit the largest size, but they seem to run a bit small, and AJ runs a little big these days. As usual, these are an example of the imperfections in knitting -- I think one side is longer than the other, but who notices with a little kid running all around?!?

These are so cute. I'm glad I managed to knit something for AJ for this stage in his development. And they are so soft and the real denim Rowan yarn is pretty nice!

And here is a cute bib my mom made:
New Bib
It works very well for spills! Knitting and fabric. What a good idea.

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