Friday, June 6, 2008

Cool, grand, parents

AJ turned 1 this week!

He received some very special gifts from his paternal grandma -- his very own "1" shirts (along with matching shorts for the red 1 shirt). My husband and his sister had shirts for their birthdays with their age on them growing up-- isn't that wonderfully creative and special? And of course they were handmade by my very thoughtful and talented mother in law. I was so excited when she made AJ some of his very own! frolic on the farm

1st birthday

I am very lucky to have very cool parents and inlaws, who now are also grand-parents... all inspire me with their talents, their lives and their care for the people in their lives.

Here's a picture of my very cool parents, from sometime in the late 1960's. What a couple! My dad is no longer here -- and today it has been 5 years since he left us -- but his spirit, his inner hipness -- lives on. Thanks DA. Here's to my cool, grand parents :)
cool parents

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